If a glacier melts and retreats on the mountains or crumbles in the Arctic and there are no witnesses, it is ever really existed?

In 2015, for the first time ever, Alex will live on the tip of an iceberg, carved from a glacier in the North West of Greenland: this is Adrift. Clinging to that piece of drifting ice, Alex will spend up to twelve months to witness the last phase of its long life, while managing with a constantly changing environment. As the iceberg will get smaller and less stable Alex Bellini will have to adapt himself to the new situation. In order to survive for as long as possible, Alex Bellini will have to adapt his lifestyle and habits. This will be crucial to getting people to think, to make parallels with everyday life characterised by a total lack of willingness to change and adapt. Adrift has the purpose of raising awarness and bringing contribution to the long discussed global warming and climate change theories, inspire students all over the World with educational programmes and inspire to live more sustainably.

The concept of a personal safety system was developed by Survival Capsule LLC in response to several tragic tsunami event globally, the capsule has been designed and developed by an aerospace engineers based in Seattle (WA).


The survival capsule is a personal safety system (PSS) designed as a spherical ball to protect against tsunami events, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and storm surges. The capsule that Alex will be using during Adrift is built with strength and survivability in mind and will operate safely and efficiently in the harsh circumstances and environments to which a natural phenomena (iceberg overturning, collision, cracking) would expose it. The sphere will withstand the initial impact of those phenomena, as well as sharp object penetration, blunt object impact, and rapid deceleration.


Features:10 Man Trimetric

2 doors 4 windows 4 hoisting and tether points 8 vents perforated aluminium floor below floor storage locations Uselful dimensions: Outside diameter : 2.43 m (8 feet) Wall thinkness (6,3 mm) (1/4 inch) Mass (shell) 570 kg (1256 lbs) Material shell Aluminium AG 5052-H32 Volume 7,5 m3 (256ft3)     *p.s. the interior setting won’t be as shown in the picture

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